Dear Garlic Fest Vendors,
We have not yet made a decision regarding Easton Garlic Fest¬†2020 and if it will take place at all or perhaps in a modified version. Everything has been too uncertain to make a decision, and beyond considerations of everyone’s health and safety we do not know what the state will allow, nor what capacity our City has to offer the enormous assistance they provide as our partner every year.
We will make a final decision no later than the end of July, however please be aware that even if we decide to move forward with the festival, we still may have to cancel if the State goes into another shut down or does not allow large gathering in the fall.
I know this makes it impossible for you to make plans, and if you have a chance to be at another event that is more certain, we understand. All vendors will be invited back in 2021 no matter what.
I hope you are all well and holding on as best as can be expected in times like these.
Yours in Stink,

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